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Paper and Tin

“It doesn’t matter what you’re made from:
paper or tin, wax or wood,
silver or bronze or brass, fabric or glass…”
– from Paper and Tin

Paper and Tin
An Interactive Children’s Opera,
60 minutes
Soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, actor; piano, clarinet, cello
Commissioned by English Touring Opera
First performance: 9th March, 2022, London

Join the Tin Soldier and Paper Dancer on their adventures around the playroom, meeting all sorts of other toys who offer insights into different kinds of love, relationships, and self-identity, and encourage our heroes to get in touch with their own feelings as well as other people’s. Along the way, they’ll learn lessons about themselves and the world around them: lessons about acceptance, confidence, and generosity. By the time their adventures come to an end, they have both come to the same conclusion: they may have been put in a box by the toymaker, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay in it!

Learn two of the participatory songs from Paper and Tin

Cover photo: Jan Capinski