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Notes From Isolation

8 songs made under extraordinary circumstances.
8 songs created to capture and share the experiences of artists in lockdown.
8 songs seeking sources of light in dark times.
8 songs hoping to make a difference.
From us to you, with love,
Lewis & Laura

Notes From Isolation
A charitable song project celebrating the humanity of performers in lockdown

In early summer 2020 we had the privilege of interviewing each of our performers about their experiences of lockdown and, continuing to work closely with each interviewee, creating text and music to bring their stories to life. Each song is written not only to honour the individual artistry of its performer/s, but also to amplify the unique human/s behind the song.

For many artists, this has been a time of identity crisis, feelings of powerlessness or helplessness, forced passivity, and disconnection from our art and – as a direct result – disconnection from the world around us. By holding space for our performers to share their experiences, offering an amplification of their stories and voices, and inviting each to nominate a charity of their choice to support with their song, our wish is that this project gives each of them the opportunity to feel heard, connected and empowered.

And we have discovered something beautiful along the way: in every interview, no matter the hardships and difficulties shared by each performer, the conversation always turned towards hope. We have sewn all of our songs with this powerful common thread, and will be offering them to you as we navigate the next part of this journey together.

The songs will be premiered online one by one between August and October. Watch and listen to the latest releases here…

Each element of each song – with very few exceptions – is being created in isolation. Text, music, piano track, vocal recording, visual material: these are all brought together in the final stages of creation to bring you a fully realised short film.


Find us at @murphy_attridge or follow #NotesFromIsolation on social media for more.