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A Different Story

“Who will tell me
a different story?
A story going backwards,
a story going forwards,
a story going upside-down,
over, under, round and round –
the next storyteller is YOU!”
– from A Different Story

A Different Story
A Youth Opera in One Act,
40 minutes
Youth chorus; piano and trumpet
Commissioned by the Royal Opera House
First performance: 3rd August, 2019, Linbury Theatre (ROH)

There once was a grey city…

And in this city, every year, the citizens initiate a new generation of interns to work in the grey offices of The Overseer. The interns must give up all childish things, and instead vow to dedicate themselves to productivity, competence and efficiency.

But what happens when a particular group of interns is reminded of the stories they used to tell as children, and the questions these stories led them to ask about the world?

Watch clips from the premiere performance in the Linbury Theatre in 2019:

Cover photo: Bill Cooper