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“HER: Is that what you think happened between us? You rescued me and in return I let you into my bed? That’s the story? Hunter kills wolf, puts girl on horse, rides into the far, far away?”
– from Damsel/Wife/Witch

An Interdisciplinary Piece with Song Cycle, 70 minutes
Two actors, mezzo-soprano and piano
Commission: And So Forth
Song cycle first performed: October 2015, Glyndebourne
Full production first performed: November 2015, The Asylum, London

She (HER) has inherited her grandmother’s house. She brings HIM with her to explore the home where she heard all of her childhood stories…

Damsel/Wife/Witch is a unique, provocative piece interweaving theatre with song to explore contemporary gender expectations through fairytale, as the protagonist begins to question her own narrative’s past, present and future.

Listen to the full song cycle below:


[Damsel/Wife/Witch] manages to tackle familiar yet complex issues in a creative way. The creators deliberately leave some parts up to the audience’s interpretation, encouraging reflection and debate over issues that, in fact, can only be appropriately confronted through open discussion – and by straying from pre-determined paths.”

– Sofia Lotto Persio, Cafe Babel

Cover photo: Marianne Chua