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First Date

“Let’s go somewhere else. With beer and better music. Where it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a suit or not. Let’s talk about all the things we’re not meant to.”
– from First Date

First Date
A Pop-Up Opera in One Act, 6 minutes
Baritone, tenor; violin, bass clarinet
Commissioned by Sound Festival
First performance: 10th November, Sound Festival, Aberdeen (numerous locations)

**Nominated for a Scottish Award for New Music, 2018**

Noah and James are on their first date. They soon discover that neither of them is quite as their respective online profile described…

“Among pop-up operas in unusual locations was Lewis Murphy’s First Date (****), barely five minutes long, but startling lunchtime drinkers in Aberdeen’s Illicit Still and capturing the hesitancy and poignancy of a first encounter, sung with sensitivity and restraint by Kenneth Reid and Ross Cumming.”

– David Kettle, The Scotsman