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First Date

“Let’s go somewhere else. With beer and better music. Where it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a suit or not. Let’s talk about all the things we’re not meant to.”
– from First Date

First Date
A Pop-Up Opera in One Act, 6 minutes
Baritone, tenor; violin, bass clarinet
Commissioned by Sound Festival
First performance: 10th November, Sound Festival, Aberdeen (numerous locations)

Noah and James are on their first date. They soon discover that neither of them is quite as their respective online profile described…

“Among pop-up operas in unusual locations was Lewis Murphy’s First Date (****), barely five minutes long, but startling lunchtime drinkers in Aberdeen’s Illicit Still and capturing the hesitancy and poignancy of a first encounter, sung with sensitivity and restraint by Kenneth Reid and Ross Cumming.”

– David Kettle, The Scotsman